Gifts Sets!

These baskets are absolutely gorgeous.  Make someone’s day memorable!  Great gift for anyone special in your life.

Limited quantities of each available.  $10 and Up


1. Lavender Basket includes: 4 oz. Jar of Lavender Whipped Body Butter, Lavender Bath Salt , Wooden Scoop, Heart Embedded Soap, Soap Dish and Honey Lip Balm.  Bow will vary according to Holidays.  

2. Shower Steamer Jar includes - (12) Lavender and Tea Tree Shower Steamers in white and purple inside a decorative Mason Jar with a floral top and bow.  SOLD OUT

3. Bath Bomb Basket - 6 Assorted Bath Bombs ( Dreamscicle, Green Tea, Lavender Champagne, Love Potion, Rose Sugar, and Raspeberry Lemonade,

4. Bath Bucket includes: Mesh Bath Pouf, Exfoliating Shower Gloves and Cloth, Sweet Almond Honey Goat's Milk Soap and Honey Lip Balm. SOLD OUT

5. Coffee Soap Gift - $10 Starbucks Gift Card and Cup with a Coffee Soap and Honey Lip Balm. SOLD OUT

6. Tea and Donut Tin - 3 Assorted Tazo Teas (Earl Grey, Refresh Mint, Calm - Chamomile) a Honey Spoon with a Half Donut Raspberry Truffle Soap, Honey Lip Balm in a floral tin. SOLD OUT

7. Donut Tin - Half Donut Raspberry Soap with Cranberry Seeds, Loofa Scrub Pad, $5 Starbucks Gift Card and a Honey Lip Balm.

8. Candle and Soap Tin includes: Black Tea Scented Candle, Charcoal Soap, Bamboo Light Brown Soap Dish and a Honey lip Balm.         SOLD OUT

9. Kids Soap Tin includes: Animal Soap (Frog), Mini Baby Rubber Duck and mini heart soap. 




Assorted Gifts - $10 and Up