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  • Coconut Oil - Very rich in antioxidants that help maintain skin elasticity, also serves as a moisturizer which is beneficial for maintaining clear skin.
  • Unrefined Cocoa Butter - You know you have raw cocoa butter when the product is a creamy yellow color and it smells distinctively chocolate. It is rich in Vitamin E, and it improves skin tone and elasticity.  It is often used to soothe dry skin, rashes, eczema, scars, stretch marks, and psoriasis.
  • Beeswax - Adds a protective barrier to skin that locks in moisture.
  • Vitamin E - This anti-oxidant is thought to smooth skin and reduce wrinkles.
  • Essential Oil - Peppermint.


Directions:  Rub lotion bars between your hands or on the desired area (hands, elbows, feet, knees, etc.), then massage into the skin as needed.


Since there is no water formula, it is shelf stable for up to a year without the use of preservatives. 


Store out of direct sunlight and away from heat.


Lotion Bar - White Chocolate Peppermint