Say goodbye to the stresses of your day! It makes a great festive 8 oz. gift in a jar!


You will love sinking into a tub filled with relaxing fragrant bath crystals made with natural products.  They help boost healing power, clear the mind, relaxation, better sleep and rejuvenation.


Soothe your body and mind with an aromatic bath experience. You can thank me later!



Dead Sea Salt (Fine), Epsom Salt, Baking Soda (sodium bicarbonate), and Lavender Essential Oils              


*  Dead Sea Salts - The minerals when combined with warm water work to increase your circulation while decreasing your heart rate,  reducing anxiety and stress.

*  Epsom Salts - Have been used both in skincare and healing products.

*  Baking Soda - Used for detoxing and as a skin softener.

*  Lavender - Calming to the senses and it's great for relaxation.

Bath Salts - Lavender